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This research guide will help you find information related to your study of humanities.


Find more relevant images like these under the "Find Images & More" tab above (scroll left & right to view)

Sketched portrait

Mrs. Fanny Eaton, ca. 1859 by Walter Fryer Stocks, 1842–1915

Public Domain. 

Example search for "Fanny Eaton" in the Discovery catalog. 

Panel portrait

Zodiac Calendar by Alphonse Mucha (1896)

Public Domain. 

Example search for "Alphonse Mucha" in the Discovery catalog. 


Dionysos riding a cheetah, Macedonian mosaic from Pella, Greece, 4th century BC

Public Domain.

Example search for Dionys? in the Discovery catalog. 

Learn more about search operators here

Closeup of Vishnu, seated in the lotus position, 1730 A. D

Closeup of Vishnu, seated in the lotus position

Public Domain

Example search for "Vishnu in art" in the Discovery catalog. 

Painting of three people

Painting by Trophime Bigot (c. 1579–1650, also known as Master of the Candlelight), depicting Judith and Holofernes

The Walters Art Museum. Public Domain. 

Example search for "Judith and Holofernes" in the Discovery catalog. 

Cave wall painting

Detail from the Lascaux Cave Paintings

Public Domain. 

Example search for "Lascaux Cave Paintings" in the Discovery catalog. 

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Program Information for Liberal Arts General AA Degree and Concentrations.

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