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This guide will help you do research related to Native American Studies.

TCC Student Organization


NASA: The Native American Student Alliance

Advisors: Clint Sago, Lori Knight, Sheree Richey, Steven Woods

The purpose of this organization is to promote a better understanding of native people and their cultures. NASA hosts various programs on campus. Each spring NASA hosts the Red Fork Native American Film Festival & Powwow.  Membership is open to all interested TCC students.

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Program & Course Information This Guide Supports

Liberal Arts - Native American Studies Option

This emphasis is designed to meet the educational needs of both Native American and non-Native American students. Native American Studies (NAMS) courses focus upon the diverse world-views expressed in Native American cultures, spiritualities, histories, oral traditions, and literatures

Program Requirements can be found here

Native American Studies Classes:

   •  NAMS 2013 - Images of Indians in American Culture (H)
   •  NAMS 2113 - Native American Cultures (H)
   •  NAMS 2213 - Native American Spiritualities (H)
   •  NAMS 2223 - Native American Philosophies
   •  NAMS 2313 - Native American Literature, Drama, and Film (H)
   •  NAMS 2343 - Native American History (H)
   •  NAMS 2513 - Native American Law
   •  NAMS 2613 - Native American Art
   •  NAMS 2990 - Selected Topics in Native American Studies

For More Information Contact: Humanities/Native American Studies Program, School of Liberal Arts and Communications, Metro Campus: (918)-595-7064.

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