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Library Information for Faculty: Subject Liaisons

This guide will introduce you to library services and resources available to the students, staff & faculty at Tulsa Community College.

TCC Liaison ProgramTCC Liaison Librarians partner with faculty to enhance student learning.

TCC Liaison Librarians partner with faculty to enhance student learning through outreach and engagement, stewardship of resources, and scholarly communication.

Outreach and Engagement 

  • Communicate with faculty about library resources and services. 
  • Teach information literacy sessions. 
  • Participate in department meetings and student events. 

Stewardship of Resources 

  • Advocate for library resources needed by each department. 
  • Encourage student usage of library resources. 
  • Enhance accessibility of library resources. 
  • Maintain College knowledge management processes. 
  • Provide access to resources through collection development and interlibrary loan. 

Scholarly Communication 

  • Assist students and faculty with research. 
  • Provide information on copyright and Creative Commons licensing. 
  • Collaborate with faculty to find and/or create Open Educational Resources (OER). 
  • Help students understand what it means to be part of the Scholarly Conversation.  

Some TCC Librarians serve in functional roles.  TCC faculty and staff can turn to these librarians to answer questions in these areas regardless of their liaison areas. 

Functional Role Librarian(s)
Copyright Amanda Ross
Interlibrary Loan Amanda Ross
Open Educational Resources Amy Lagers, Jamie Holmes, Jennifer Hulsey-Campbell, Lisa Haldeman, Liz Binger
Sharepoint Andy Taylor
TCC Archives, Knowledge Management Andy Taylor


Department Liaison Librarian
Business & IT Amy Lagers
Child Development & Education Liz Binger
Communication Marianne Myers
Engaged Learning Amy Lagers
Engineering & Applied Technology Andy Taylor
English Jamie Holmes
Geography Amanda Ross
Health Sciences  Adam Brennan
History & Political Sciences Suzanne Haynes
Humanities Amanda Ross
Languages, ASLE, ESL Andy Taylor
Math & Science Jennifer Campbell
Paralegal  Amy Lagers
Social Sciences Amy Norman
Veterinary Technology Liz Binger
Visual & Performing Arts Marianne Myers


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