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Composition I (ENGL 1113 - eCore): Reminder: Avoid Plagiarism

This guide will support students taking TCC's eCore Comp 1 course.

Library Orientation 1C: What you need to do is listed below.

What is it? Watch the two videos below for a review on what plagiarism is, how it is handled in the TCC Student Code of Conduct, and how to avoid it. Below the videos, you'll find an informative page about plagiarism and a brief interactive tutorial followed by a quiz that your instructor may assign (there will be an opportunity for you to print a page showing your results); select "Save as PDF" as your printer and submit the pdf to your instructor, if assigned.

Why is it important? The importance of avoiding plagiarism in your work cannot be overstated. These videos, reading, and tutorial will reinforce what you've already learned about it and the skills necessary to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

How long will it take? Watching the two videos will take about six minutes; reviewing the material from Purdue OWL will take about five minutes; working through the tutorial and taking the quiz will take you about ten minutes. 

Video 1.6: What is Plagiarism--Explained by Common Craft (2:32)

Video 1.7: Academic Honesty at TCC (3:12)

What does plagiarism mean to you at TCC? Watch this video tutorial to find out.

Supplemental Activities: Avoiding Plagiarism

Your instructor may also assign these activities:

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