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Composition I (ENGL 1113 - eCore): Find Articles

This guide will support students taking TCC's eCore Comp 1 course.

Library Orientation Part 2B: What you need to do is listed below.

What is it? These videos provide information on how to find articles for a research project.

Why is it important? If you decide that you would like to strengthen the argument you are making in a research paper or essay by finding an additional source, knowing how to search the library databases by keyword will be very useful.  In general, understanding useful search strategies will make finding reliable information much easier.

How long will it take?  Viewing all the videos and working through the "Successful Searching in Library Databases" tutorial will take approximately 40 - 45 minutes; your professor may assign some or all of this content.

Video 2.2: Strategy: Search by Keyword (2:22)

Video 2.3: How to Find A Scholarly Journal Article (8:49)

Video 2.5: Searching Academic OneFile (:53)

Additional Database Tutorials

Find A Specific Journal

Sometimes you'll hear about an article or see one listed in the References section of another article, and it may be easier to find in in the library databases by first finding the journal.  You can do that using the link above. 

Interactive Tutorial: Successful Searching in LIbrary Databases

Work through this brief tutorial to gain a better understanding of how to effectively search library databases for information on any topic!  Your instructor may assign this; if so, there is a place at the end where you can enter an email to send your certificate showing completion. Clicking on the image below will open the tutorial activity in a new window; it should take you about 20 - 25 minutes to complete.

Image with a magnifying glass and text that says Successful Searching in LIbrary Databases

Video 2.4: Scholarly journals made easy! (1:45)

Watch this 90-second video to learn how to identify scholarly journal articles.

Video 2.6: Academic Search Premier: Introduction to EbscoHost Tutorial (4:08)

Video 2.7: EBSCOHost's Advanced Searching Features (2:36)

Complete List of TCC's Research Databases

It is recommended that you search for your article in a general database, such as Academic Search Premier or Academic OneFile, because they provide access to more full text articles than any of the other databases. See the boxes below for short, helpful videos that will provide tips on how to search for articles by topic (keyword or subject) in each of those databases.

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