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Common Craft Videos: Society

Bias Detection (cc) 2:38

This video illustrates how bias is a common and sometimes productive part of how we communicate. It also shows how bias can cause problems when it’s hidden or not detected.

Blended Learning (cc) 2:25

This video follows the story of a teacher who discovers blended learning and incorporates it into his teaching. It teaches a basic definition of blended learning and how the Internet has impacted teaching options

CFL Lightbulbs (cc) 3:02

This video introduces the benefits and risks of using compact fluorescent light bulbs. The video focuses on saving money and reducing pollution by switching to bulbs that use less electricity.

Electing a U. S. President (cc) 3:21

This video discusses the basic ideas behind the U.S. electoral process. It follows the chronological steps from voting to election day, focusing on each state's role, including comparing popular vote vs state votes, and what is required for a president to be elected.

Preparing an Emergency Kit (cc) 3:09

We live in an unpredictable world. Events may occur that require a family to need emergency supplies for up to 72 hours. This video explains what to include in an Emergency Kit.

Preparing an Emergency Plan (cc) 2:54

Emergencies happen when we least expect them and few understand the benefits of having a plan for how to react. This video uses three scenarios to introduce what should be in your emergency plan.

Presentation Planning (cc) 2:32

This video illustrates how to plan your next presentation so that your audience easily understands what you have to say. Tips include how to organize ideas, move your idea points into PowerPoint or Keynote slides, and why visuals are important in a presentation.

Project Based Learning (cc) 3:44

Presentation Note: This video is courtesy of and includes a title slide at the end of the video.

Education can be more interesting and effective by focusing students on work that matters.  Project Based Learning focuses on involving students in projects that teach a variety of skills.  Video covers critical thinking, collaboration, and communication as major components of PBL and explains how PBL helps develop these skills in students.

Project Management Basics (cc) 3:14

The video follows a team who works together with a project manager to build a prototype. It explains why project management matters and how it can be applied to other types of projects.

Public Domain (cc) 2:53

Using music as an example to explain why public domain exists and what it means when a song, photo, artwork, document or any creative work is in the public domain.

The Smart Grid (cc) 2:42

Smart Grid is the next generation of the network that delivers electricity to our homes.This video focuses on the basic ideas that make up the smart grid, which is the next generation of the network that delivers electricity to our homes.

Zombies (cc) 3:26

This is a satirical video created to celebrate Halloween and help protect your brain. The video focuses on surviving a zombie attack.


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