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Common Craft Videos: Digital Life

Apps (cc) 2:43

This video explains applications or "apps" and what caused this evolution and how it is impacting our lives today.

Augmented Reality (cc) 2:06

This video is an introduction to augmented reality - a growing way to use camera phones to learn about the world around you. It introduces the technology and covers the basic applications.

Clear Communication in Email (cc) 2:22

Every day, emails are sent that don’t get results. Part of the reason is that people aren’t receiving the information they need. This video explains the problem and how to fix it by asking three simple questions.

Copyright and Creative Commons (cc) 3:36

This video helps to explain the basics of copyright law and creative commons licensing and the role each can play in helping creators protect and share their work.

Crowdsourcing (cc) 2:58

This video follows the story of a person who discovers how a “crowd” of strangers can help him accomplish a goal. It teaches how goals are accomplished using crowdsourcing and helps with speed, quality and cost of accomplishing a project.

Digital Footprint (cc) 3:22

Our digital footprints leave evidence of what we do on apps and websites. This video explains the concept of digital footprints, why they matter and how to reduce the risk of digital footprints in the future.

Digital Literacy (cc) 3:03

The video teaches the basic ideas of digital literacy and why it is becoming a requirement and impacts all parts of life.

Fair Use (cc) 3:38

This video explains Fair Use regarding intellectual property and how to avoid copyright infringement.

Image Resolution and Pixels (cc) 2:46

This video follows the story of Neil, who learns why he can’t enlarge and print a photo that was taken with his phone.  Using an analogy of a blanket, the video illustrates what happens when a small image is enlarged and what’s needed for printing larger photos.

Intellectual Property (cc) 3:15

This video follows the story of a creative and talented woman named Candice who plays music, invented a new instrument and created a new business. This video shows how Candice learned to protect and build a business from her creations using copyright law, patent and trademark laws. It teaches why intellectual property is different from physical property and why copyright and patent law matters in protecting your business.

Online Citizenship (cc) 2:18

Sometimes communicating via computers can feel anonymous and make people lose touch with the impact of what they say online. This video highlights the problems this causes and explains a basic idea: that our words matter, online and off.

Plagiarism (cc) 2:32

While Plagiarism can be intentional, it is more often caused by misunderstanding.  Avoiding it means understanding the role of intellectual property and what makes plagiarism wrong. This video teaches why giving credit to others is necessary and explains plagiarism and steps how to avoid plagiarism.

QR Codes (cc) 2:08

This video explains how QR codes are changing the way we access information in the real world through scanning a new kind of code with a camera phone. It teaches how barcodes and QR codes are similar. It also explains what happens when you scan a QR code with your camera phone.

Screencasting (cc) 2:09

Screencasting has emerged as a favorite way to record and share videos of our computer-based skills and ideas. This video explains the basics of screencasting.

Video Editing (cc) 2:53

We are shooting and sharing video more than ever before. To make it useful, we need to learn the basics of turning raw video footage into a short video. This is the story of Liz, who edits a video for her company’s website.


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