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Common Craft Videos: Internet

Algorithms (cc) 2:33

This video introduces the basic ideas of algorithms with instructions used by computers, websites, and digital products.

Blockchain (cc) 3:20

This video provides a big picture look at why blockchain matters. Using the story of a village, it explains how villagers, who had a centralized authority for ownership, discover a new, decentralized way to manage ownership of village property with blockchain.

Deep Web (cc) 2:37

This video highlights the major differences between the normal websites we see in search results and the databases, services, and websites that are found in the Hidden or Deep Web. 

Domain Names and Hosting (cc) 2:30

This video explains the steps that one takes to have a custom built website. Our character Emma has a dog walking business and needs a website. A friend walks her through the process of finding a domain name and getting the site online.

Email Access: Web-based vs. Local Email (cc) 2:06

Email has evolved over the years. It used to live on our computers, but it now lives on servers and this evolution has changed how we think about email. This video teaches basic email infrastructure: servers and email boxes, and why email is often safe, even when a computer is ruined. It also explains web-based email.

Gamification (cc) 2:27

This video explains the concept of gamification and how game mechanics are used to motivate people to accomplish personal and professional tasks and goals.

Internet of Things (cc) 2:13

The internet is evolving. It used to be made of computers, but today, the internet includes all sorts of “things” that can work together. This video explains the Internet of Things and what it can mean for both individuals and communities.

Net Neutrality (cc) 3:00

The debate on Net Neutrality is about the future of the Internet and the outcomes that could impact every internet user. This video explains what net neutrality is and why it matters, by focusing first on the idea of neutrality.

Online Advertising (cc) 3:20

Using an example of a small business, this video explains the major advertising models and how they work to build awareness for a new product on the Internet.

Privacy Online (cc) 2:43

This video looks at how online companies track our actions online and how it is being documented for their success. It also explains why our data is important and how to make choices to protect the data.

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) (cc) 3:10

This video uses a recipe analogy to explain the importance of search engine rankings and what can help your site achieve higher rankings.  It teaches how search engines evaluate website. The importance of words and titles in ranking with quality links and content. 

Terms of Service Agreements Explained (cc) 2:52

Using technology often means having a relationship with a company or organization. Accepting their Terms of Service agreements can be a required part of using the service. This video teaches why these agreements exist, and how they can impact users.

URLs (Web Addresses) (cc) 3:06

It’s easy to take URLs, or web addresses, for granted because they work behind the scenes in helping us jump around the web. By taking a closer look, we can learn about how websites work and what happens when we click.

Web Browsers (cc) 2:55

Web browsers are among the most frequently used software on any personal computer or device, yet they are often misunderstood. This video covers the basics of web browsers and explores features and tools that may be new to many users.

Web Search Strategies (cc) 2:29

This video introduces the best ways to use search engines to find information on the Web. It uses real-world examples that illustrate ways to reduce useless results.

Website Cookies (cc) 2:37

This video teaches the basics of website cookies. It covers how and why cookies are saved to your computer when you visit a website. It also explains the role cookies play in helping websites remember you.

Website Evaluation (cc) 2:58

This video walks through the basics of evaluating a website to find quality information. It encourages viewers to evaluate websites in the way an editor would review an article.

World Wide Web (cc) 2:35

This video introduces the system that makes up the World Wide Web, including explanations of browsers, code packets, servers and links.


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