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Common Craft Videos: Net Safety

Account Security (cc) 2:50

From email to bank accounts and healthcare information, a lot of our sensitive information now lives online. This video explains how to be responsible with login information and what to consider when using public computers. It also explains Two-Step Verification and Password Manager Apps.

Computer Viruses and Threats (cc) 3:12

This video explains computer viruses such as worms and trojans by comparing them to human viruses and focuses on the role of prevention in being protected.

Cyberbullying (cc) 2:58

This video follows a bully's tools, motivations, and tactics. It includes tips of what can be done by adults and fellow students to stop the bully.

Disinformation (cc) 3:11

This video illustrates the danger of disinformation, with a story of one community's use of a disinformation campaign to cause a rival community to vote against their own interests.

Encryption on the Web (cc) 2:52

Encryption is fundamental part of using the Internet securely, but it is mostly invisible to the user. This video explains the basic idea of encryption and specifically the two types of keys that are used online: symmetric and public.

Identity Theft (cc) 3:07

The key to avoid identity theft is awareness and understanding ways to keep our identities safe. This video teaches why our identity is so important and how to avoid it with tips what to do if it is stolen.

Online Photo Sharing (cc) 2:34

This video explains the basics of photo sharing and how to do it safely and responsibly.

Phishing Scams (cc) 2:45

This video is designed to increase awareness of phishing scams and help viewers recognize and avoid phishing emails when they see them.

Piracy Online (cc) 3:12

This video explains piracy and how it affects our society.

Protecting Reputations Online (cc) 2:30

This video discusses the long-term risks of sharing inappropriate information on the Web. It encourages viewers to “think before you click” and offers tips for being responsible with photos, video and stories. It also covers why photos are permanent on the web and the future consequences of sharing inappropriate information.

Ransomware Explained (cc) 2:44

Like a kidnapped person, the information on your computer can now be held hostage by criminals, who demand a ransom to release it. This is called a ransomware attack and, unfortunately, it’s a growing problem. This video explains why and how ransomware attacks happen. It also explains what can be done to prevent ransomware.

Secure Passwords (cc) 3:26

Passwords are essential to using the Web and criminals have become very good at guessing them. This video teaches the risks and how to create a secure password and keep it secret. It also explains the risks of using shared computers.

Secure Websites (cc) 2:58

These days websites make security a priority, but it is hard to know when a website is secure, or what makes it so. This video teaches the basics of website security and how to recognize a secure site. It  includes an overview of the most common security threats and explains how SSL encryption works.

Two Factor Authentication (cc) 2:55

Passwords alone may not be enough to keep criminals from accessing your sensitive online accounts and causing serious problems. Using a simple analogy of an offline storage company, this video explains Two Factor Authentication and why it matters.

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