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Surgical Technology: Surgical Asepsis

This guide identifies resources to help you find reliable information related to surgical technology and provides tips to develop your research skills..

SRGT 1134

SRGT 1134 - Principles of Surgical Asepsis

Impact of microbiology and the immune system in relation to the practice of aseptic technique; skill sets associated with creating the sterile field for surgical procedures. 

Surgical Asepsis and the Principles of Sterile Technique

CLINICAL PROCEDURES FOR SAFER PATIENT CARE, an Open online textbook by Glynda Rees Doyle and Jodie Anita McCutcheon, has a section on Surgical Asepsis and the Principles of Sterile Technique

Microbiology Quick Reference

Occupational Risks

While every effort is given to minimize occupational exposure, the surgical technologist’s daily workload renders him/her susceptible to a variety of occupational risks. It is incumbent upon the surgical technology student to practice safe working habits and to utilize safety equipment provided to reduce potential injury.

Examples of Occupational Risks

Risk Examples
Bloodborne Pathogens Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
Sharps Injuries Accidental sticks from suture needles or sharp instrumentation
Latex Allergy Surgical gloves and medical supplies
Smoke Plume Laser and electrocautery (Commercial suction available for protection)
Chemical Gases, cold sterilant, cleaning chemicals
Musculoskeletal Static postures, lift injuries
Radiation Exposure X-ray imaging – fluoroscopy (lead aprons available for protection)

Diseases and Conditions

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