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You Belong Here

Students come where they are welcome and stay where they feel cared about.

Caring Campus is based on decades of research documenting that students who feel connected to their college are more likely to complete and succeed in their courses, persist from semester to semester, and achieve their educational goals.


The core benefit of this approach is developing a culture focused on increasing meaningful connections with students, especially those who have not had an experienced adult in an educational system who cared about them. 

- Institute for Evidence-Based Change


Educators empowered to help all students reach their goals.

Caring Campus at TCC

About Caring Campus

We want our students to feel at home when they come to TCC and making a real attempt to connect with our students in a caring way while appreciating the diversity of their backgrounds, is essential to making that happen.

To that end, two exciting professional development seminars will be available this fall to help us a faculty to strengthen our focus on making solid connections with our students and create for them an environment that feels like a ‘caring campus’.

We want our faculty to be equipped with the tools to make all our students feel that TCC is where they belong!

Student Engagement Practices

The TCC Caring Campus team worked to identify several practices faculty members engage in that likely contribute to healthy student retention and persistence rates. They are:

  1. Creating an environment of empathy and compassion
  2. Connecting with students and making ourselves accessible
  3. Providing our students with clear and complete expectations
  4. Assigning graded work early in the course and frequently throughout the course, while providing students with relevant and supportive feedback

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