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Generative AI: ChatGPT & Other Text-Based Generative AI

What is ChatGPT?

What is Generative-AI Text, like ChatGPT? 

Generative-AI text programs, like ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, created by the company OpenAI), are artificial intelligence chat bots currently free to the public. These bots use natural language processing to generate responses to prompts. They are not search engines, but instead pull on a set of training data to create output (at the time this information was published).  

What is Generative-AI Text capable of? A look at ChatGPT 

ChatGPT is currently the Generative-AI product most accessible to students at this time.

What can ChatGPT do? 

It can be used for language-based tasks. When a user submits a prompt, ChatGPT pulls from data collected on the internet to generate its response. ChatGPT can: 

  • Write and debug code 

  • Summarize and synthesize information 

  • Create original works, like essays, song lyrics, stories, and poems 

Detection Tools

Detection tools available or in development that purport to determine whether a work was generated by a human or AI, such as GPTZero or OpenAI Detector, should be utilized conscientiously, as detectors are prone to false positives as well as negatives if content generated is significantly altered by a human before submission. The college does not recommend you rely solely on detectors to claim instances of academic misconduct as they are unreliable. **Many of the available detection tools are not free and can be quite expensive**

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in a 2023 interview that "there may be ways we can help teachers be a little more likely to detect output of a GPT-like system. But honestly, a determined person will get around them." OpenAI is experimenting with watermarking technology to indicate when content has been AI generated (see video below) but cautioned folks against depending on these tools to detect AI outputs.

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What are ChatGPT’s limitations?

AI technology like ChatGPT is constantly evolving, but the current iteration of ChatGPT includes the following limitations: 

  • Cannot integrate research or provide citations. 

  • ChatGPT does not draw on data from the open internet but instead uses a data training set consisting of information from 2021 and earlier. Therefore, it knows nothing of events post-2021 and cannot respond to prompts with real-time information like current events.  OpenAI has created plug-ins to incorporate live data from the web into ChatGPT conversations (May 2023).

  • Has the potential to generate biased and incorrect responses. Developers have stated it contains a heavy Western knowledge bias. 

  • Has the tendency to make up information and sources.

  • Cannot fact-check or engage in critical evaluation of sources. 

  • Seems to have difficulty with simple math. 

Other Text-generative AI Tools

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