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Opinions, Opinions - How to Find Them: Sources with a Viewpoint

Look for articles or essays with a viewpoint from various publications

Guide to Sources with a Viewpoint

What is a Source with a viewpoint?

Sources (books, essays, articles, websites, videos, etc.) all have a viewpoint. The viewpoints may be clearly stated or hidden but sometimes it is somewhere in between. There are some sources that try to be objective or show both viewpoints of a topic. It's up to you, the researcher, to find out what viewpoint your source is advocating.

This guide lists some of the known sources with a viewpoint. Use this guide as a starting point, and if you do not find the type of source you need, ask the librarian for help.

Essays "Opposing Viewpoints" series - topical pro/con essays in a book

Opposing Viewpoints
A series of titles on hot social and current issues with essays advocating various viewpoints.

Each book has chapters that pose a question on the topic followed by essays written by subject experts and individuals
with varying opinions in response to the question.

These titles are available for check-out and can be found within the library catalog on the Books link on the library's homepage.

How To find the titles in the Opposing Viewpoints series in the library catalog (books search):

1. In the first box, type the search phrase "opposing viewpoints" (with quotes) and your subject, e.g., gun control.
2. Results will show you titles or chapter headings that include "gun control" within Opposing Viewpoints series.
Don't hesitate to ask for help locating the book volume on the library shelves.
If a book is located at another library campus, you can order the book for intercampus delivery. Click on the blue button labeled "Place hold."
Allow 24-48 hours for book delivery, and check your TCC email for notification of its arrival at your selected campus.

More Pro/con viewpoint essays on a topic - book

Similar to Opposing Viewpoints, other series available in the Library are:

Current Controversies
See list of titles in series. Each book can be checked out for two weeks and is renewable in the fall and spring semester.

At Issue
This series is more focused on specific issue within a broad controversial topic such as Does Capital Punishment Deter a Crime?

Example of Opposing Viewpoints book

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