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Instructional Technology: SharePoint and OneDrive

SharePoint and OneDrive

TCC utilizes two different SharePoint sites to manage collaborative work and meeting information.  These sites are called the Council and Committee site and the TCC Collaborative Workspace.  TCC also uses OneDrive for the storage and sharing of information.  This page includes resources for both tools.

SharePoint and OneDrive: What's the difference?

When people begin using SharePoint and OneDrive, they are often confused on the difference between the two tools and which one to use.  The simple answer can be found in how you want to share information.  If you want to share information with one or two people, then it is best to share that information through OneDrive.  If you are looking for a more collaborative approach to sharing information with a large number of people, then SharePoint is the tool for you.


There are two different ways to access your OneDrive Account.  The first is through the Student Resources area of the TCC Website:

The other way to access OneDrive is by signing in to MyTCC.  The link to your OneDrive will be in the right hand area of the Quick Links box:


OneDrive Tips and Tricks


In order to provide transparency in the decision making processes of the College, TCC created the Council and Committee SharePoint site.  This site contains all of the information regarding the different Councils and Committees at the College.  The College also uses SharePoint to create collaborative work spaces for staff and faculty. 

In order to access these sites, you must first log in to MyTCC.  Next, you will select "Procedures and Tools" under the "Employee" tab:

One the "Procedures and Tools" page, scroll down and you will see the "Document Repository" box on the left side of the page. This is how you will access the SharePoint sites for the College.




How to Use the TCC Collaborative Workspace

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