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This is a basic guide for the study of chemistry which deals with the composition, structure and interactions of matter.

Welcome to the Chemistry Guide!

Chemistry's relation to all aspects of human life.

The study of chemistry can be useful to students across a diverse range of disciplines and careers, as the image above illustrates.

Program Information

Students of Chemistry will:

  • Explore the composition, structure, and interactions of matter.
  • Gain essential knowledge applicable to various scientific fields.
  • Prepare for careers in allied health, medical fields like nursing, pre-med, and medical laboratory technology.
  • Get ready for programs in aerospace, agriculture, biology, engineering, environmental science, and petroleum engineering.


Chemistry program graduates have the skills to:

  • Communicate chemical information using oral, written or digital presentation techniques.
  • Locate scientific literature.
  • Evaluate scientific literature.
  • Solve problems with scientific methods.
  • Use proper laboratory techniques.
  • Identify issues involving chemistry in society.
  • Apply core concepts of chemistry.
  • Explain chemical processes.
  • Integrate concepts from several disciplines around a central chemistry theme.
  • Illustrate scientific data with graphs, tables, or text.
  • Use chemical instrumentation.

Chemistry Courses at TCC

CHEM 1114 - Principles of Chemistry (L)
For science majors. Principles, concepts and theories of chemistry are examined and applied to a variety of topics such as chemical bonding, chemical reactions, states of matter, solutions, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. The descriptive chemistry of some common elements and compounds is included. Includes lab component.

CHEM 1134 - General, Organic and Biological Chemistry
For Dental Hygiene students. This is a comprehensive course that briefly covers general and organic chemistry with a focus on biological chemistry and its application to the dental hygiene profession. Atomic structure, chemical bonding, intermolecular forces, solutions, acids and bases, functional groups, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and metabolism will be covered. Course includes lab and covers general, organic, and biochemistry.

CHEM 1315 - General Chemistry I (L)
For science and science-related majors. The course includes the fundamental laws and theories dealing with the structure and interactions of matter and the use of these principles in understanding the properties of matter, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, the physical states of matter, changes of state, and solutions. The fundamental principles are applied to the solution of quantitative problems relating to chemistry. Includes lab component.

CHEM 1415 - General Chemistry II (L)
For science and science-related majors, this course is a continuation of CHEM 1315. The fundamental concepts introduced previously, together with additional ones, are applied to solutions, colloids, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. Qualitative inorganic analysis is included in the laboratory work.

CHEM 2145 - Organic Chemistry I (L)
A study of fundamental concepts of organic structure and bonding, reactions of principal functional groups, mechanisms, and nomenclature of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. Laboratory emphasis is on purification, separation, synthesis and instrumental methods of studying organic systems. Includes lab component.

CHEM 1365 - General Chemistry for Engineers
Survey course for mechanical engineering students needing only one semester of chemistry. Includes thermodynamics, atomic structure, solid state, materials, equilibria, acids and bases, and electrochemistry. Includes lab component.

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