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Because You Watched... : The Mandalorian


because you watched the mandalorian

Mandalorian Armor (availible via interlibrary loan)

Star Wars Omnibus. Adventures

Aurora Rising


All systems red

Star wars. Darth Vader and the cry of shadows


How Star Wars conquered the universe : the past, present, and future of a multibillion dollar franchise

Vader's little princess

Leviathan Wakes

Star Wars : Jango Fett : open seasons (available via interlibrary loan)

Star Wars: Aftermath. Book 1 (available via interlibrary loan)

The Collapsing Empire


William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back : Star Wars part the fifth

Star Wars : from a certain point of view

Saga (available via interlibrary loan)

Altered Carbon

Star wars : where science meets imagination

Star Wars and the history of transmedia storytelling

William Shakespeare's The Jedi doth return : Star Wars part the sixth

Myth, media, and culture in Star wars : an anthology

Star Wars : Darth Vader and the lost command

The bounty hunter code : from the files of Boba Fett (available via library loan)

Pretty Deadly (available via interlibrary loan)

Y, the last man. 1, unmanned

Ancillary justice

Gideon the Ninth

Star wars. Darth Vader and the ninth assassin

Sex, politics, and religion in Star wars : an anthology

Star Wars storyboards : the original trilogy

I find your lack of faith disturbing : Star Wars and the triumph of geek culture

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