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Cardiovascular Technology: 1003 INTRO

A resource guide for the Cardiovascular Technology program

Course description

CVTC 1003 - Introduction to Cardiovascular Technology

An introduction to the field of cardiovascular technology. Topics include patient history, physical assessment, communication, ethics, and documentation. Special emphasis will be placed on the principles of radiation safety, sterile technique, cardiac monitoring, and arterial hemostasis.

Patient Perspective: Angiography Procedure

How to Measure Blood Pressure Using a Manual Monitor

Invisible Impact: The Risk of Ionizing Radiation on Cath Lab Staff

Start an IV

Foley catheter procedure for female bladder drainage - 3D animation

Male Foley Catheter Medical Animation

Patient Education Websites & Handouts

Heart & Vascular Dictionary Website

Hemostasis Website

Invasive and Non-Invasive Tests (Website)

Cardiac Conduction System

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