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Common Book 2019-20: Redeployment: Essay Contest

Program materials for TCC Public-Good Reads.

Rules and Requirements

Deadline: 5pm, Saturday, October 19, 2019

Step 1: Chose a Type Reflective Essay Argumentative Essay

Step 2: Write or Revise

Students are encouraged to revise an essay they wrote for a course

Klay's short stories and essays suggest various themes: disconnection, empathy, friendship, honor, etc. Using your critical thinking skills, select a theme from a Klay short story or one of Klay's essays that you can relate to and write a 3-4 page reflective essay. Be sure to include examples from the story/essay and your life and relate the two.

Do not re-tell Klay's story. Write about how the story or essay affected you. Be honest. 

Write a 3-4 page argumentative essay inspired by a Klay short story and/or essay. 

Do not summarize Klay's story or his essay; rather, you should identify a theme from the text and engage with that argument by rebutting it, extending it, or amending it. You may bring in additional research and sources. 

Step 3: Submit Essay
  • Include your name, email, and student ID number (T number) on the first page of the essay
  • You may use first-person ("I")
  • References to Klay's works and other sources should be cited within the essay and you should include a works cited or bibliography
  • Microsoft Word or PDF
  • Email essay submissions to: or 

Step 4: WIN!

Wining essays will be announced at Phil Klay's keynote address:

Public Good Reads Public Lecture

6:00pm, October 24, Center for Creativity, 910 S. Boston, Tulsa



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