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TCC Library Knowledge Management Guide

Safety Procedures

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Disaster Plan

Recommendations for Action for the TCC Library Post Disaster

During a disaster (fire, tornado, intruder, etc.)

  • Follow disaster procedures provided by campus police during an active emergency situation.
  • If you are in a position of leadership during an active emergency, follow your directives from campus police.

Post disaster

  • Professional employees and staff should watch for messages about campus closings and safety alerts through the TCC Emergency Alerts system.
  • Contact your director or dean for immediate news from administration concerning work duties or campus relocation.
    • It is recommended that staff keep a print or alternate copy of their director’s contact information in the event that the online library directory is offline.
  • Deans and directors will delegate duties as appropriate for the situation.
  • Delegated librarians and staff  should maintain contact with campus police and share updates periodically at routine campus library meetings as needed.

Assessing collection damage and reestablishing services

  • Deans and directors may need to work with campus police and administration to gain clearance for librarians to work with the physical collections if the library is in a disaster zone.
  • Delegated librarians will determine the initial scope and damage of the collection, and assess priorities for restoration in the collection/ equipment.
  • Library will perform an inventory if needed based on condition and damage to collection.
  • Directors will delegate cleaning duties and collection development responsibilities.
  • The eRources manager will coordinate with IT and vendors to restore access to online materials.

NEC Library Safety Information

SEC Library Safety Information

West Campus Library Safety Information

Metro Library Safety Information

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