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Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Who can use TCC Library Interlibrary Loan?

  • Tulsa Community College currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff may use Interlibrary Loan. You must have a valid , TCC email address, and password to access the system.

What can be requested through Interlibrary Loan?

  • Most anything that a library would typically lend: books, articles, dissertations, etc. Conversely, libraries will NOT loan what most libraries keep close on hand: reference books, textbooks, entire journal volumes or issues, rare or expensive materials. 

How do patrons access Interlibrary Loan?

  • By clicking on the inerlibrary loan tab on the item record that you want to borrow. 
  • The form will auto populate the item information. Just make sure your patron information is correct. Select your pick up location and hit the submit request button.


How long does it take?

  • Journal Articles: average 2-3 days
  • Books: 1 to 2 weeks, but can vary depending on item availability and location
  • Please note that these times are estimates. Some items may be available same day, or take significantly longer.

How will i know when my item is ready?

  • Check your student email. You will get updates on your request status through email or text messaging. You have the option in your account to select your communication preferences. 


Borrowing of Interlibrary Loan Items




This information will provide you with information regarding workflows, what certain terms mean and what steps need to be taken at the circulation desk to check items in and out for patrons. I hope you find this helpful. Email me at with any questions or concerns. 

1. Temporary item is created and hold placed (System)

After  a patron submits a request, the system creates a temporary item and places an item-level hold on the item for the patron. 

You can  confirm that the hold was created by checking the Holds tab in the patron’s account. The ILL request should appear as an active hold. The linked barcode brings up the item details for the temporary item.

The hold will also be visible to the patron if they check their account in Discovery. They can immediately see that a hold has been placed for the title they requested via ILL. They will be able to track the progress of their ILL request by viewing their hold.
ILL holds view
2. Temporary item and item status updated (System)
After  the ILL office mark sthe item as received, the system updates the temporary item. 

the system automatically:

  • Updated the temporary item barcode
  • Checked in the item at the WS ILL location. The status of the item now appears as On Route from ILL to Circulation

Patrons can track the process of the ILL request by checking their account in WorldCat Discovery. The On Route status is displayed to the patron as “This item is being sent to [patron’s pickup location].”

ILL in transit view
3. This is where the Circulation staff comes in: Circulation staff check out item to patron (WorldShare Circulation)

When the patron arrives to pick up the item, Circulation staff check out the item to the patron.

To check out the item:

  1. Click the Circulation tab.
  2. In the Enter barcode field, under Assist Patrons, scan or type the patron’s barcode.
  3. In the patron’s account, in the Enter barcode field, scan or type the item’s barcode.

Within Discovery, the patron can see that the ILL item that was checked out to them and can view the item’s due date.

ILL checkout view

4. Patron returns item and Circulation staff check in item (WorldShare Circulation)

 When the patron returns the item, Circulation staff check in the item.

To check in the item:

  1. Click the Circulation tab.
  2. On the left navigation, click Check In.
  3. In the Item Barcode field, scan or type the item’s barcode.

After completing these steps, Circulation staff should send the physical item to the ILL department.



This is extremely important

1. Patrons must request renewals within their own ILL account. It is up to the library that we borrowed the item from to grant us a renewal. Never renew an item for a patron in WMS circulation. The student will get an email once their renewal request is approved or denied. If approved, someone from the ILL office will change the due date in WMS circulation and notify the patron. 

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