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Action Research at TCC: Online Articles

Action Research Guide


Use specialized databases based on your topic!
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Article Searching Tips

Use keywords when performing searches
Databases use keywords to identify articles that are relevant to your search based on things such as how many times your keywords appear in the document.

Do not use full sentences, database searches don't work quite the same as Google.


Would stricter border controls reduce illegal immigration?

Main ideas (i.e. illegal immigration, border control)

Related terms (i.e. illegal aliens, customs, border patrol, open borders, border policy)

Note: Use quotation marks to search for multiple words as one term (i.e. “immigration laws”)

Use Ctrl+F when searching
Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the F key.
This opens a search box in your browser.
Allows you to search for keywords on your active page.

What you are looking for when you hit Ctrl+F:



Internet Explorer

Note: Ctrl+F also works in most pdfs and other documents, such as Excel spreadsheets.

Use the Advanced Search
This will give you additional search options so you can perform more targeted searches.

ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) - Ebscohost
Advanced Search options: ERIC Number, Intended Audience, Publication Type

Advanced Search options: Item Type, Publication Title, Discipline

Advanced Search options: Tests & Measures, Record Type, Age Groups, Methodology

Advanced Search options: Current Events, Topics, Lexile, Number of Pages

Adam Brennan has created a guide for Google Scholar research

Use Filters If/When a Database Search Yields Too Many Results

Full-Text-Will show only articles with full text (html, pdf, or both)

Peer-Reviewed Journals-Will yield only articles from an academic journal and peer-reviewed

Publication Date-Set to show articles written after a certain year or between two sets of dates

Document Type-Depending on your topic, you may only want to look at:

  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Surveys

Search Within-Allows the user to find keywords within the articles listed

Interlibrary Loan

Looking for an article that is not available in one of our databases?  The library can get a copy for you using Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Does TCC Library Have It?

Have a citation and want to know if the library subscribes to the journal?

Find a specific journal by using the link below to search for an index of the Library's journal holdings. 

Journal Title Finder

Schedule a Research Consultation

                 Meet with a Librarian-linked image to Schedule a Research Consultation Page at TCC Library.



Meet with a Librarian Online or In-Person

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