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Tutoring at Tulsa Community College: Math & Science Lab

Metro Science & Math Tutoring Lab

Location: MC315 in the main academic building - building 1.

Phone:  (918) 595-7965

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 9 pm; Friday: 8 am - 4 pm; Saturday 9 am - 12 pm.

Academic Lab Coordinator :  Dean Muse, MS  -

Metro Science & Math Lab Offerings

The lab is first come, first serve. There is no appointment necessary.

Every tutor who works in the lab can tutor math up to calculus 1.

Tutoring is also available for the following courses. Please contact the lab for specific times.

  • calculus 2
  • calculus 3
  • differential equations
  • chemistry and organic chemistry
  • engineering physics 1 & 2
  • biology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition,***** to further disarticulation skills, and muscle study,  an arm and a leg are available for close observation
  • biochemistry
  • engineering
  • psychology
  • computer programming

Metro Science & Math Lab Tutors

Fred Ndimgwango is studying Engineering. Fred can help you with any of your math, all physics classes, and chemistry I &II. Fred is also a licensed pilot.

Jesse Sumter is an engineering student. Jesse can help you with any of your math (except statistics), physics I &II.

Numaan Chowdury is an engineering student. Numaan can help you with any of your math, all physics classes, statics, chemistry I &II, and biology for non-majors.

Dean Muse has an MS in Mathematics and also teaches math at the Metro Campus. Dean can help you with your math classes, physics I and chemistry I.

Mathew Mackey can assist with any math class, nutrition, physics I, chemistry I, and most of TCC’s programming languages. He is a recent TCC graduate and attends Tulsa University.

Ivana Cvetkovic is a chemical engineer who has worked in a research lab. She  can help with any math and all chemistry.

Rachel Brill is our biology and psychology specialist. She can also help with chemistry and math (up to precalculus and statistics).

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