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Tutoring at Tulsa Community College: International Language Labs

General Information for all the International Language Labs

Language Laboratory
The Language Labs on each Tulsa Community College campus are designed to meet the current and future international language needs of the people and businesses in the Tulsa area and across Oklahoma. Students may receive classroom-type instruction via independent study. Voice monitoring and voice comparison features are unique instructional aids available through the labs' computers. Computers are also available to support classroom instruction and distance learning, and to assist students enrolled in Internet language classes at TCC and abroad. The international language laboratories are open 12 hours a day for the convenience of day and evening students. See the hours listed under the various campuses. 

Languages Offered at TCC

Languages Offered Varies by Campus

METRO:                                                                                                                                        NORTHEAST:

Arabic, Chinese,  Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian                                                 ESL (English as a Second Language), Italian, Spanish

SOUTHEAST:                                                                                                                               WEST:

French, German, Japanese                                                                                                     Spanish



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