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Copyright Guide: Copyright Tutorials & Resources

A focus on copyright issues which may concern TCC faculty and staff -- including fair use, the TEACH Act, public domain and other copyright exceptions and issues. Nothing in this guide is to be construed as legal advice.

Free or recommend resources (tutorials, conferences, courses) for learning more about copyright. 


Overviews & Tools - Starting Points for Those New to Copyright

See also: "Fair Use" in the COPYRIGHT TOPICS/GLOSSARY tab above

Lawrence Lessig Ted Talk

“Yes, you can scan that textbook*”

ACRL Presents: Understanding Fair Use Through Case Law

Copyright is . . . (Copyright Clearance Center)

Essential copyright knowledge: a toolkit for teachers and librarians

Crash Course (Click on video title to be taken to full playlist)

The Case for Copying | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios (with Closed Captions)

"Plagiarism, Plagiarisma, Plagiarmania [How Copyright & Plagiarism Intersect & Affect Our Students]

screenshot of video

Warren Lecture Series - Nancy Sims (Mar 6, 2020)

"Plagiarism, Plagiarisma, Plagiarmania" Citation, credit, authorship, ownership—at first pass most of these seem like fairly straightforward topics. But beyond a cursory look, these issues are rich and complex, with surprising and subtle nuances across academic disciplines, creative communities, cultural groups, and legal jurisdictions. Technologies intended to address concerns in these areas often fail on numerous edge cases, although they are also sometimes useful. Attorney and librarian Nancy Sims explores some of the tensions inherent in academic understandings of credit and plagiarism.

U.S. Copyright Office YouTube Channel

"Can't you just say Yes? Answering Copyright Questions About Fair Use for Patrons"

From the TCC Library - Scroll for More:

CopyrightX (MOOC)

IPX logo

OCEAN - Open Copyright Education Advisory Network - University of Michigan Library

Fair Use by Common Craft

This video explains Fair Use regarding intellectual property and how to avoid copyright infringement.

Coursera - Copyright for Educators & Librarians (MOOC)

The Library Copyright Institute 2019 Materials and Report

Copyright Conference Slides

Miami University Libraries Copyright Conferences

Copyright & Creativity - videos targeted for K-12, but still useful

Copyright on Campus (Copyright Clearance Center)

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