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Library Information for Students: Library Policies

Guidelines for Library Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for Library Internet Acceptable Use Policy

I. Disclaimer

Tulsa Community College Library administration and staff are not responsible for the accuracy of information housed on outside web pages and web sites.The TCC-Library administration and staff do not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet and are not responsible for its content, for changes in content of sources to which the Library home pages link, or for the content of sources accessed through secondary links.
Oklahoma state law prohibits the "distribution of obscene writing, paper, book, picture, photograph, motion picture, or form of any description." The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ruled in 1996 that this obscenity law does apply to computer-generated photographs and graphics.
II. Acceptable Use Statement
The computing and electronic services provided by TCC-Library are intended for teaching, educational, research, andadministrative purposes. This use is governed by all applicable College policies, including the sexual harassment, patent and copyright, and student and employee disciplinary policies, as well as by applicable federal, state, and local laws. The Library Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines includes the TULSA COMMUNITY COLLEGE: ACCEPTABLE USE STATEMENTS/STANDARDS (see Appendix, Library Policy Notebook, Section 5).
Persons using TCC-Library computing and electronic services bear the primary responsibility for the material that they choose to access or display.
Persons using TCC-Library computing and electronic services are expected to demonstrate good taste and sensitivity to others.
It is a violation of College and Library policy to access and view materials in a manner which would create the existence of an uncomfortable or hostile working and/or education environment.
Library staff will be alert to actual and potential violations of federal, state, or college policies by persons using computing and electronic services in the Library according to these guidelines.
Examples of inappropriate conduct include, but are not limited to:
  1. Use of TCC-Library computing and electronic services for unlawful or malicious activities or for proprietary purposes
  2. Copyright and licensing violations
  3. Activities that embarrass, denigrate, or libel an individual or organization
  4. Commercial activities and private enterprises
  5. Activities that could cause congestion and disruption of networks and systems
  6. Viewing pictures of an erotic or sexual nature when such images are able to be viewed by others who are offended by them
  7. Vandalism and mischief that incapacitates, compromises, or destroys College resources.

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