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The Religious State of the 918: Home

Religious State of the 918

Religious State of the 918 Project Acknowledgements

  • Sponsors: Oklahoma Humanities, Tulsa Community College Foundation 
  • Coordinating organization: TCC Honors Program 
  • Host institution: Tulsa Community College 
  • Content and scheduling coordinators: Dr. Allen Culpepper (TCC Honors Program Coordinator), Dr. Heather Wilburn (TCC Philosophy faculty) 
  • Oklahoma Humanities staff: Caroline Lowery, Carla Walker, Kelly Burns, Chelsi Lebarre, Khylee Forgety, Jeremy Springer, and (formerly) Chris Carroll. And board member: Dr. Dewayne Dickens  
  • TCC Foundation: Megan Korn, Monica Champ, Kari Schultz, and the TCC Foundation Board 
  • TCC Division of Engaged Learning: Dean Cindy Shanks, Lynn Richmond (Honors Program, retired), Dr. Rob Katz (GKFF Undergraduate Research) 
  • TCC Library: Josh Barnes, Amy Lagers, Amanda Ross 
  • TCC Marketing: Matt Jostes, Michael Cortez, Nicole Burgin, Cory Cheney 
  • TCC administrators: Dr. Jennifer Beatie, Dr. Kristopher Copeland, Dr. Greg Stone, Dean Cindy Shanks 
  • TCC faculty members: Dr. Heather Wilburn, Dr. Phil Smith, Charlotte Uzzell, Josh Parish, Dr. Cathy Bankston, Dr. Joseph Boyne 
  • TCC staff: Barbara Wiseman (grants), Ethan Rolen (video services), Matthew Edwards (IT support), Jennifer Dale (Student Life), Kassey Steele (Student Life), Jennifer Dunaway (Student Life), Michael Siftar (IT) 
  • RS 918 Project advisory committee: Lynn Richmond, Cindy Shanks, Dr. Heather Wilburn, Josh Barnes, Mary P. Walker, Dr. Sandra Rana, Dr. Rob Katz, Dr. Marvin Cooke, Megan Korn, Monica Champ, the Rev. Dr. Robert Turner, Rabbi Marc Fitzerman 
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Eric Reitan (OSU) 
  • Plenary speaker: Dr. Lisa Barnett (Phillips Theological Seminary) 
  • Local clergy, educators, and staff: the Rev. Dr. Robert Turner (Vernon AME), Rabbi Marc Fitzerman (B’nai Emunah), Rabbi Dan Kaiman (B’nai Emunah), the Rev. Chris Moore (Fellowship UCC), Zaheer Arastu (IST), the Rev. Marlin Lavanhar (All Souls UU), Kathleen Gathright (Holy Family Cathedral), the Rev. Dr. David Wiggs (Boston Ave. UMC), the Rev. Kira Calhoun (Bristow First UMC), Dr. Jeffrey Voth (ORU), Dr. Jim Ford (RSU), Dr. Andrew Vassar (NSU), Dr. Maria Hallam (OU), Dr. Matthew Drever (TU), Dr. Chris Foster (ORU), the Rev. Dr. Gary Peluso-Verdend (Center for Religion & Public Life, Phillips Seminary), Dr. Lindsey Smith (OSU-Tulsa Center for Poets & Writers) 
  • TCC Students: Lana Nguyen, Katherine Iwata, Kaliana Lee, Jocie Reynolds, Brayden Hampton, Mia Jones, Elijah Brown, Mindy Stephens, Zoe Mclean, Hunter Bamburg, Jerome Philpot, Jonica King 
  • Other guest speakers: Eva Williams, Andy Burress  
  • Oklahomans for Equality staff: Toby Jenkins 


TCC Honors Program

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