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Composition I (ENGL 1113-Pamela Webb): Sources 5-8

This guide will help you with the Source Assignment for Professor Webb's COMP I course.


5. An article from a reliable website

Use the ABCD Evaluation method to analyze articles you find outside the Library for credibility and trustworthiness.

Authority. Ask -- Who is the author? What are their credentials?

BiasAsk -- Is it objective? Does the author appeal to emotion more than logic? 

Currency. Ask -- When was it published? Is it up to date?

Documentation. Ask -- Are claims supported by evidence? Does the author cite their sources?

6. An article from an online newspaper

Check publications you know and trust or try popular publications like, New York Times, USA TodayThe Hill, or Washington Post.

Evaluate online newspaper articles like you would evaluate a reliable website (using the ABCD Evaluation worksheet).

Having trouble?  Try AllSides, which gives you a balanced take on how news is being reported by popular sources. Select the “Balanced Search” tab and search for your topic. The site will provide “News from the Left,” “News from the Center,” and “News from the Right.”

7. An article, essay, or report from a government website

Use Google for this one!  After you type in your search term(s), select Settings > Advanced Search, then enter ".gov" in the box for site or domain.


8. An article, essay, or report from a university or educational website

Use Google for this one too! After you type in your search term(s), select Settings > Advanced Search, then enter ".edu" in the box for site or domain.


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