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eCore Public Speaking Textbook (COMM 1113)

This guide serves as the primary text for COMM 1113 in eCore.

Unit 2 Outline

Developing Topics for Your Speech

  • Getting Started with Your Topic and Purpose

  • Formulating a Specific Purpose Statement

  • Formulating a Central Idea Statement

  • Problems to Avoid with Specific Purpose and Idea Statements

Organizing and Outlining Your Speech

  • Why We Need Organization in Speeches

  • Patterns of Organization

  • Connective Statements

  • Outlining

Introductions and Conclusions

  • General Guidelines for Introductions and Conclusions

  • Structuring the Introduction

  • Examples of Introductions

  • Structuring the Conclusion

  • Examples of Conclusions


  • The Importance of Delivery

  • Methods of Speech Delivery

  • Preparing For Your Delivery

  • Practicing Your Delivery

  • What to Do When Delivering Your Speech

Special Occasion Speaking

  • Understanding Special Occasion Speeches

  • Types of Special Occasion Speeches

  • Special Occasion Language

  • Special Occasion Delivery

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