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Library Information for Faculty: Course Connections

This guide will introduce you to library services and resources available to the students, staff & faculty at Tulsa Community College.

Course Connections

Ideas for seamlessly integrating the library into your course - even if they don't do a research paper!

Have you discovered a book chapter, in our library or your personal collection, that would add value to your curriculum? You don't have to require students to purchase the whole book; place it on reserve for them instead!  In addition to adding depth to the course, this gets students into the library and familiar with using a common service in academic libraries,one that they'll surely encounter at a four-year institution.

Does your course require students to collaborate outside of class? Build in the requirement that they book and use a study room in the library. When students book a study room, an email confirmation is sent, which can be easily forwarded to you for accountability.

Do you want your students to be aware of current events? Assign a 'headline scan.'  Require students to visit the library's periodical browsing section and look at the headlines of a specific newspaper (or group of newspapers) to find any of the following:

  • what's getting the most coverage locally or nationally

  • a topic of particular interest to them

  • patterns in coverage between publications

  • how different papers frame an event, depending on their particular 'slant'

Would you like to encourage your students to read more just for the fun of it? Ask students to visit the library to view the various book displays and have them complete one or more of the following:

  • Note the different themes and come prepared to discuss why they may have been selected by the librarians.

  • Note the different themes and determine which has the most interesting materials.

  • Select a book to check out and read. Provide time at the beginning or end of each class period for students to share their thoughts about the book they chose.

Help is available!

Remember that there is a librarian assigned to each school who serves as a subject liaison. While this person may not be located at your home campus, and therefore may not teach your class if you sign up for a library instruction session, they can always provide assistance, information and additional ideas for how to create authentic library experiences that will enrich your courses.

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