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First Year Experience Seminar Online Textbook

This is the main textbook for FYE Seminar to be used beginning Summer 2017

1.4.1 Career Services at TCC


It is perfectly normal to be undecided about your major or unsure if you have selected the “right” major. Fortunately, college can be a wonderful time for exploring occupations and personal self-discovery.  Though there are some students who come to college with a specific major or occupation choice in mind, most students do not.  As a matter of fact, according to ACT, the percentage of college freshmen who believe they will change their major is 16%.  However, the percentage of freshmen who actually do change their major is estimated at 65-85%!

As a result, the Career Services Staff recognizes the pressure you may be feeling as a consequence of being undecided or unsure, and we want to assure you that we can help you with this decision.  Ultimately, though, you are in charge of your own career!  You may not realize it, but you are already making decisions about your educational and occupational future. Over the next several years, you will make decisions that will influence the kind of jobs you will be able to get later, as well as many other aspects of your life.

Chart showing Earnings and Unemployment rates by educational attainment


Now is the time to start thinking about your future, if you haven’t already done so.  Be proactive! Don’t just react to whatever chance or luck bring your way.  Even those of you who think you know what you want to “be” or major in, it is important that you learn as much as you can about yourself and occupations.  Knowing who you are and what you need is vital when making major life or career decisions!

Here are a few ways you can learn about occupations and yourself.

  1. Ask people that you trust about your special talents and abilities.
  2. Seek out experiences that are interesting to you.
  3. Participate in activities that will provide you with experiences similar to those that would be found on a job you might like.  Volunteering is a great way to do this!
  4. Talk with people who work in jobs you find interesting.
  5. Visit with your instructors who teach in your area(s) of interest.
  6. Read about occupations using the resources of Career Services or the library.
  7. Use reliable career assessments and inventories to identify and think about your interests, abilities, work values and personality type. Career Services offers all of our assessments for free!
  8. Seek assistance from the knowledgeable TCC Career Services staff.  


picture of a career flow chart showing how decisions are affected by experience and learning about yourself

If you are undecided, unsure, confused or hesitant about your career path,
the Career Services staff can help you!!


Career Services is dedicated to assisting students with their career planning and employment needs.  We have a variety of resources available free of charge to current TCC students and graduates.

The career planning services are designed to assist you in making a better informed, more systematic career decision . . . whether you are choosing a career, deciding on a major, considering a career change, or simply wanting to find out more about yourself and occupations.  You will have the opportunity to explore your interests, abilities, and work-related values in addition to gathering information on many different occupations. 

If you need assistance with any part of the job search process, including resumes, interviewing skills, cover letters, etc., our staff is here to help.  We have an online job board students can access 24/7 to see what job opportunities have been posted by area employers:

Career Services sponsors a wide variety of activities and events throughout the year including college major fairs, job fairs, professional dress events, career planning and job search workshops, as well as assistance for students awarded work-study funding.

More information about Career Services is available at  Please contact Career Services for additional information or assistance. We look forward to working with you!

Career planning and employment resources include:

  • TCC Career Explorer –
    • A comprehensive online resource that helps students achieve their career goals & find the right TCC program to meet their needs & goals.
  • SIGI3 - Located in MyTCC.
    • This program offers interests, abilities, and values self-assessments along with career information to help you with career decision making.
  • College Central Network -
    • A job listing service to assist you with accessing job openings both locally and nationwide.
  • Oklahoma Career Guide -
    • A comprehensive Oklahoma career information system.
  • Self-Directed Search – An interest inventory that aids in grouping interests into occupational themes for exploration.     This is only available on campus.
  • TypeFocus Careers -   Access code:  tcc839.
    • Understand yourself better through personality type and find work that will be more satisfying.
  • What can I do with a major in …? -
    • Connect college majors to careers! ​

Make an appointment today!

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Contact Information for All Campuses:

(918) 595-7609

1.4.2 Introduction to TypeFocus

TypeFocus provides personality and preference assessments, which can be helpful tools in understanding your strengths.  The link below will take you to the portal for administration of the assessments.  In order to take the assessments, you must obtain an access code from your Academic Strategies instructor. TypeFocus Careers is licensed for use by TCC students only.

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