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Copyright for Faculty & Staff: TCC Copyright Policy

A focus on copyright issues which may concern TCC faculty and staff -- including fair use, the TEACH Act, public domain and other copyright exceptions and issues. Nothing in this guide is to be construed as legal advice.


Tulsa Community College (TCC) makes every effort to comply fully with the copyright laws of the United States. In addition to establishing procedures to prevent copyright infringement, TCC realizes the need for faculty, administration and others using copyrighted materials to have a general knowledge of the copyright laws of the United States and its provisions respecting the fair use of intellectual property.


As a provider of intellectual content and the technological means of displaying, copying and transmitting that content TCC accepts its responsibility for obeying the law. TCC students, guests, or other users of TCC facilities and equipment will be expected to comply with proper copyright procedures as outlined in these policies and the accompanying guidelines.


Anywhere at TCC where recording equipment, photocopy machines, or copyrighted materials are housed, a warning of copyright restrictions will be prominently displayed.


The Tulsa Community College Copyright Compliance Guidelines (TCC Guidelines) apply to all full-time and part-time members of the TCC community involved in the copying of material--including students (on and off campus), administration, and part-time instructors teaching credit or continuing education courses.


Tulsa Community College (TCC) will use an original or a lawfully-made copy of resources (i.e. print, non-print, video, audio or digital materials) in all aspects of teaching and learning at the college. In the case of Internet-delivered resources, a lawfully made copy may be transmitted to distance learning students--but only using a technologically-protected system that reasonably prevents unauthorized use of copyrighted material and limits the length of access to copyrighted material


TCC will not implement any systematic efforts to reproduce copyrighted material.


TCC will make it a practice to seek permission to use copyrighted works in ways that may be restricted by contract and will include a formal notice of copyright on print or electronic materials that are copied for instructional use.


TCC faculty and staff can use and duplicate copyrighted material for instructional use provided such use is within the standard of fair use (see U.S. Code, Title 17, sec. 107).


The four factors that determine if duplication or other educational activities constitute fair use of a copyrighted work are the following: 1) the purpose and character of the use (including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes and whether the use is a transformative use); 2) the nature of the copyrighted work (e.g. factual or fictional, published or unpublished); 3) the portion of the copyrighted work used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; 4) the effect of the use of the work upon the potential market or value of the copyrighted work.


The Tulsa Community College (TCC) Office of the Dean of Libraries is the clearinghouse for copyright information and provides general advice on all aspects of copyright for the TCC community. This office is also responsible for maintaining guidelines for the use of copyrighted material in the areas of audiovisual works, computer software, databases and CD-ROMs, distance learning transmissions, document reproduction, instructional computer presentations, and/or music and performances.

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